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Thread: Gta - Vice City

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    Arghhh Has Neone Done The One Where You Have To Bomb The Cubans Using These Tiny
    RC Planes (not the helicopter one) i cant control the damn thing any tips???? cheers

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    Yeah I couldn't finish that mission too. My little brother did that for me , how he did it no idea . he even played that misson 3 time and won.

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    It's going to be difficult to get at first but your just going to have to work with the configuration u got set up like make sure the buttons that make the plane go up and down are close together and can be pushed with the acclerator so once u get the hang of it try it. I got lucky when i beat it because i went to low when i dropped the bomb & i caught on fire but the boat blew up first i just beat it last night but i would have beat it if i would have done it over BUT I Blew UP THE CAR FIRST THEN CHASE THE BOATS Now when u chase the boats try to get low close to the boat and the easy way to do it is to look at your radar and see when u are over the boat then "bombs away". That's what I Did hope u beat cause i hate the mission with the toys HATE EM!

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    i hate it too, i'm still stuck, i'm sick of it. is there any way not to make them run away on the boats?

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    I got stuck on this level for ages, eventually did it quite a simple way. Fly the plane to the back of the house where all the boats are and land it. Then run over each of the cubans with the plane. It might take a few goes but they will die. Make sure you get everyone, then there will be noone left to drive off in the boats so you can just bomb them while they are sitting at the docks.

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    loll i found a way to fly!!
    i went up to bridge and flew it like a bird but after u get them once boats drive of everywehre and im stuck1!!

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    i just fly directly over the boats and release the bombs, but the trick is to fly as low as posible, so you can hit them

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    hard as hell to fly though

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    Hi, how is everyone doing today?

    Really, I just don't care.

    Let's start with this. I understand everyone is having fun on their PC and all that great stuff. I just ask you.

    Do you know HOW MANY Gaming sites with FAQs and Walkthroughs there are on the net?

    It's already posted son, all you have to do is type the popular ones into GOOGLE and it shall send you on your complicated journey.

    Now instead of sitting there looking hopeless, and tirelessy waiting for a reply or PM, do yourself a favor.

    Just Google It. Please. I know, I know it's too hard.

    Look at the answers that were given.
    " I had my brother do it for me"
    "Oh man, that level was hard"

    Your question still remains unanswered. It does you no BENEFIT at all to post. Some thoughts weren't meant to be posted you know what I'm saying.

    Yes, I will definitely be praying for you.

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    i had trouble with that levcel too but after about three trys i got it, all u have to do is take out the boat in the middle first cause thats is going to be the fastest boat, then since ur going to be right their go for the car. up arrow is accelerate, down is decelerate, left and right is to turn, 6 is up and 9 is down (on the number pad) and just try to get over them and just keep droping bombs since u have a unlimited supply

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