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Thread: Do I need a Codec Pack ?

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    Hi Guys

    I have just re-installed XP and for the last few years have never loaded a Codec Pack.

    I have a few video clips (downlaoded) that will not play on my WMP or VideoLan.

    I do not let WMP or XP connect to the net (for updates)

    I suppose I need to install a codec pack.

    Are the any disadvantages to installing a Codec pack ? Will it cause any problems with the standard ones that come with XP.



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    There should not be any problem with installing a codec pack. Usually you just a need to install a couple of codecs to view your downloaded movies.

    It just depends on your needs. If you download xvids only, is one thing. If you're also into all the HD stuff, then you require something more. There's a few packs that arent that good and cause conflict.

    I use k-lite codec pack an never had any problem but there's a few people that have reported some problems. But you shouldnt have any conflicts between standard codecs that come with xp and a codec pack. Just never have more than a pack installed at the same time.


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