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Thread: Metallica?

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    does anyone know anything about "Metallica_-_St.Anger-(Retail)-2003-RVL.tar.torrent " fake or not?

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    As far as I know, this is everything that has been released for Metallica this year.

    04.25.2003 Metal Metallica-Just_Another_Kraut_(MM90023)-(Bootleg)-1991-UTB
    03.25.2003 Metal Metallica-One-AUS-CDS-1993-aAF
    01.17.2003 Heavy Metal Metallica-Gazoline_(Bootleg)_Trackfix-1998-BUTT
    01.13.2003 Metal Metallica-Live_in_Quebec_City_Quebec_0707-Bootleg-1996-PMS
    01.12.2003 Heavy Metal Metallica-Gazoline_(Bootleg)-1998-BUTT

    So my guess is that its a fake. Probably won't see this one until the week before retail.
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    I have that file.

    As far as I can tell, it sounds like either demos, or first run recordings.

    It does have "Hell Yeah" from Rob Zombie in it.

    If it's not Jaymz singing on at least one of them, it's the best impression of him ever.

    But it boils down to- not worth the time to download.


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