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Thread: best avi to dvd copying software

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    I use Super dvd Creatorv9.25. Is there any software better?

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    I have never used that software one before so I'm unable to compare. It really depends on what qualities you're looking for. Do you want user friendly, one-click operation? Do you want speedy? Or do you just want high quality? Because depending on these factors I can recommend different software. As far as easy-t-use n00b-friendly software, one of the 1st I used was VSO convertxtodvd. It is major simple, and quick. Just drag and drop the avi file and click. In 45 minutes its ready to burn. It will burn it to disc for you too if you want. But what I came to realize is that faster isn't always better. There is just no way to convert avi quickly to dvd without compromising quality. Another program is WinAvi. It supports a lot of different video and audio formats, and for that reason would be my best vote for a user friendly, quick convert software. Now, if you want more out of you DVD viewing experience, and have some time and patience, I suggest you examine some of the higher-end encoding software. There are several like Cinema Craft Encoder SP (CCE), TMPGenc, Canopus ProCoder, and others. I haven't used all of them and I'm hardly an expert, but I'll tell you what has worked for me. I use CCE SP to encode, then DVD LAb Pro 2 to author, then Nero 7 to Burn. Lately I've been using Tsunami DVDMPEG Author Pro to author because I like the menuing interface better. Also I prefer the way it allows you to preview the project before authoring. I strongly suggest you go to and peruse all the threads. There's loads of guides and tutorials. I pretty much learned everything I know from that site.
    I love encoding and authoring, it's like a hobby now. Again, I've only been at this myself for a few months, Im just trying to give you an idea of what some options are. I keep changing things up and learning more myself.

    Good-luck and have fun!


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