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Thread: Stop People Copying My Site

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    how do I stop people being able to right-click and copy my sites content? (similar to the k-lite homepage).

    Anyone know? ................... please?

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    there is no point if people want ur content that bad then they will find ways of copying it anyway.

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    If you just wanna disable right-clicking then you do:

    <body onrightclick="alert(&#39;You cannot right-click, sorry&#33;&#39;">

    or... something like that, i can&#39;t remember now (that is, whether it goes into the body tag or not). However, people can always click view > source. If you wanna prevent that too... use ASP. But you&#39;ll have to learn it first and then find a server that supports it

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    Check this out ----&#62;Stop Right Click&#33;

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    wow, thank you very much to all who have replied.

    I don&#39;t really mind if people were to copy as none of the content is &#39;mine&#39; but having a right click copy disabled would be perfect or some sort of barrier which would make it harder. so thank you and keep &#39;em tips coming.

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    LOL stopping right click... haha... i did that with a couple of my being pages but now i got way too many pages to stop right click... takes too much time writing it in every single page

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    lol, I&#39;m just doing it to my comedy page as people could easily copy the whole page and it takes a while putting that list together. It&#39;s done now. The other sections I might do another time.

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    ah icic... did i remind u to put a disclaimer on ur rom site... since roms are illegal...

    thatz prob since u didnt read my flooble chat i respond in my flooble chat frequently

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    oh yeah, just saw it now. *Me goes get one off*. Thanks.

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    heh icic no problem...

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