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Thread: Using Emules Priotity System, And Its Credit

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    I just had a little thought, but I'm new to Emule so I thought I'dd run it by some pros here.

    Ok so The credit system in Emule works between two clients right?
    So if I were to set the file I'm dowloading to high, everybody dowloading parts from
    that file will get priority in my queue. So, that means that I will get credits from them for uploading to them,
    Which will give ME priority in THEIR queues to download parts from THEM.

    Does that make sense? Because that should mean that setting the priority of a file you're downloading to
    high would speed it up (and in that case I think it should be a feature "auto set downlaoding files to high priority").

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    wow I never thought about that. Good point.

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