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Thread: The Girls' Guide to Primping, Passion, and Pubic Fashion

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    How you feel about your body can determine how much and how often you desire sexual intimacy. And there is a simple way any woman can boost her sex drive, sensitivity, and self-confidence immediately. You'll see and feel results tonight!

    Want hot sex?
    Get Hot Pink!

    It's The Girls' Guide to Primping, Passion, and Pubic Fashion. Starting out as the definitive guide to pubic hair styles (more than a dozen!), this unprecedented eBook goes on to deliver seriously useful information on everything from how to prevent razor burn 99.9% of the time and find the best professional bikini wax to how to talk with your partner about sexual fantasy and spicing things up. Bottom line: Increase your confidence in the bedroom, intensify your feelings during lovemaking, and look and feel more alluring right away!

    Hot Pink: The Girls' Guide to Primping, Passion, and Pubic Fashion
    ISBN: 0974983004
    Publisher: Just Write
    Book Size: 7427 KB or 1768 pages (approximation based on file size)
    Released online for download: 06-01-2004
    Author: A Driggs, Deborah
    Author: A Risch, Karen
    Retail price: $ 24.95

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