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Thread: is there any way to speed up streaming video??

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    May 2003
    i remember not too long ago streaming video downloaded much much faster.. but now it takes ages...

    could it be a certain extension to firefox..? anything else? i have no other bandwidth-consuming programs running.. and still slowwww

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    Clean your pc from spyware adware.
    Close all active programs like emule BT.
    scan your pc from viruses.

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    May 2003
    been there done that moved on....

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    clear your cache try not to have the window at full size untill it started dont pause and play a lot let it buffer! update your codecs. update windows media player . update flash. update shockwave if all that dosnt work get a new internet conection... what site are you using?

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    I dont know of any way to speed up the download.

    However, you can always pause the video right when it starts playing and do something else for a minute or so. That way most of the vid is already downloaded when u play it (so you dont get those buffering messages).
    blah blah blah... whatever...


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