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Thread: bitmetv for free

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    Hey !
    I'm surching a free bitmetv invite.
    I have a lot of series like LOST (episode 1-9 in 720p and hr.hdtv), 24 (720p and hr.hdtv) Prison break (hr.hdtv) and Heroes (in hr.hdtv and hdtv.xvid), and some old stuff (The shield, Nip/Tuck,24 season 1,2and 5),so I can keep a good ratio !

    I have some thing to trade like iPLAY, Torrentbytes, KG, TD, RevTT or Snowtigers
    thanks !
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    These titles are so misleading nowadays!!!
    Temptations The Ultimate Flaw In Humans

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamer4eva View Post
    These titles are so misleading nowadays!!!
    maby, but its more that people want him too mean thats he giving one but the title dosnt specify if hes offering or asking for one...


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