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Thread: Ac3 Problem

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    hey all I've got yet another problem

    at first g-spot wouldn't recognize ac3 on my system so I
    unistalled the k-lite codec pack and installed the latest k-lite codec, and
    yes I removed my other codecs before installation

    I used g-spot again to confirm it is the ac3 codec....and this time it's
    found on my system............

    but the problem remains the sound coming from my movie

    I tried virtuadub, but It gives me an erroe that no decompressor is found

    so now what

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    Try uninstall the K-Lite codec pack and then install it again but this time,uncheck the AC3 filter and instead install this AC3 codec.
    AC3 codec

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    thank you crack_man
    it worked like a charm


    ......hell I tried HeadAC3he and ac3tools, both gave me errors, the funny
    thing is I I tried that codec earlier but I didn't uncheck k-lite's ac3
    upon reinstallation


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