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Thread: film downloads

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    Hello everybody
    I have just started to download my favorite films,could anybody tell me is there a free program which will allow me to speed up the download. I am using u torrent at the moment and is taking about 2 days. I would be gratefull for any help I am quite new to computers so the easier the better.

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    dude how do u d/l from this site ??? PLeseee pm me

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    I dont d/l from this site dude

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    You likely dont need a program. You need a faster connection to get the speed that u want.

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    It depends on where you are downloading them from!!
    on warez forums you can find tons of movies on but you will need a premium rapidshare account to download
    If you want to use utorrent to download get yourself an invite to a private movie tracker the speeds are good there


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