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Thread: Kimii FTN Help Please

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    Last night I changed my email address, the first time I did not receive the confirmation email, so I attempted to do so again. It worked the second time and I was able to log into my account until I went to sleep, and today I woke up to find that my account had been disabled.
    I can prove that both email addresses are mine.
    I am still seeding some torrents that I downloaded from there, with the same IP address.
    I will wait and see if you want me to post the username and/or emails here
    Thanks for your help.

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    no use m8 disabled mine also ftn POS!

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    I hope I can get some help.
    Please help me.

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    use ftn support irc channel ok

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    Can you pm me the support channel irc info please.
    Thanks for your help Pimiske.

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    I think one should request permission form the stuff before changing email

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    Check PM I Sent you for more info.

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    they prolly thought someone hacked your account (because of the email change). i remember once at TBy i did this and a few minutes later, i received a PM from staff about this. thank God, they didn't disabled my account and let my explain what happened first.

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    Thank you all for your help. So far I have not gotten any replies about my account status.

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    Another thing.
    If I am unable to get my account back will it be possible to ever have an account there, or am I now red flagged for life?

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