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    I'm having problems captuiring screenshots from movies, and I'd appreciate any ideas on how to fix this.

    I'm trying to capture images of all the Subway product placement in the movie Happy Gilmore. I have the version that is approximately 650MB, so the video is pretty clear. But when I try to capture a screenshot, all I get is a black image. To perform the capture, I've used the Alt+Print Screen method, and a screenshot program called MW snap. But I can't get anything besides a black image (the black image behaves weird. If you have the image opened, you can watch the movie playing behind it, through the black image, like it's transparent).

    I need this for a school project at my college, so it's really important I solve this. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    turn off the hardware acceleration. This only applies to windows media player, so im not sure if it works on others.

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    I've never had any problems just hitting Print Screen then pasting into paint.

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    just to clarify, you need to turn off the hardware acceleration through the Windows Media Player options.

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    Sorry, I should've pointed out, I'm not using Windows Media Player. The K-lite codec pack doesn't seem to work in Windows Media Player, so I have to use something else. I'm using the video player in Winamp.

    I've pasted into Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, and MS Paint. I had the same result with all of them.

    I've tried screenshots of just the window, and of the whole screen. But it always remains a black image.

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    is the video player in winamp a plugin? if it is, maybe i can give it a try with it down here and see if i can find a way of getting it working.

    Try switching the hardware acceleration off in WMP and see if it allows the print screen?

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    I tried to capture Media Player or Real Player, Why do I grab only a blank, black screenshot?
    The problem is usually due to graphics hardware acceleration being used to display the image. The newer media players from Microsoft and RealNetworks are good about trying to use any graphics

    hardware acceleration that is available on the system. Most video capture programs used to capture video from a video camera use "hardware overlay" by default for their video preview. Note that

    this kind of problem affects all screen capture programs, and even the image put in the clipboard by the PrintScreen key.

    The best solution is to disable hardware acceleration in the application that is playing the video, or disable hardware acceleration system wide.

    A FAQ I found and a link which has some info as well.


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