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Thread: Best free anime Direct download sites

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    Well tell me what you think the best are mine is tell me the ones you use and the ones you think are the best

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    try this one here

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    no point dl them just go 2 youtube

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    anime-eden is the best ddl site, hands down

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  7. Movies & TV   -   #7, a vietnamese manga-anime fan website, but their huge amount of high quality anime and manga worth download,they also have see online anime section

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    In forumw has a good section, try to find there

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    go to i no its not direct dl but its great anime only tracker

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    DDL in what way? There are DDL sites that utilize megaupload/rapidshare that work wonders. These are found more through forums, though. But megaupload has Premium Happy Hours every night (via the megaupload toolbar) so downloading an entire series is really no problem.

    If you just want the most recent animes, go to . They are very good about posting (and hosting) the most recent fansubs.

    In general, I think sites that promise DDL through their servers don't work very well. The downloads are slow and capped (although muffindomain was hella fast at its prime)especially considering the file size of each episode, let alone an entire series. That's why I choose megaupload/rapidshare anime links above everything else.

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