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Thread: Why boot always asks for date?

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    My computer crashed the other day. Ever since, everytime it boots, a dos page opens up. (excuse my terminology)

    It's titled: "c:/windows/system32/cmd.exe"

    and says: "The system cannot accept the date entered. Enter the new date: (mm:dd:yy)"

    It dosn't matter if i do enter the date or not. Everytime i reboot, it comes up again. When i do enter the date, the dos screen closes, and doesnt say anything has been done.

    My clock on the taskbar is fine, although the 1st time the message appeared, it had gone forward a day....

    Any ideas...i've attached a pic of the screen. (ithink)
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    Have you checked for viruses? Get your system checked online and see what turns up. Kaspersky offer a free online scan HERE.
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    Stupid viruses.....yeah, my EZ Trust Anti-Virus missed it, but the 1 you suggested found this:


    AliasesVirus.Win32.Small.1416 (Kaspersky Lab) is also known as: Win32.Small.1416 (Kaspersky Lab), W32/NGVCK.a.1416 (McAfee), W32.Small.1416 (Symantec), Win32.Small.1416 (Doctor Web), W32/GoDog-1416 (Sophos), Win32/Small.1416 (RAV), PE_SMALL.1416 (Trend Micro), W32/Small.1416 (FRISK), Win32:Espo32 (ALWIL), Win32/Slam (Grisoft), Win32.Small.1416 (SOFTWIN), Suspect File (Panda), WIN32 (Eset)

    "This is a simple Win32 virus that searches for PE EXE files in the current directory, and infects one of them, then exits. The virus doesn't save an original victim EXE-file entry-point, so files infected by this virus can't be cured."

    So, it can't be cured....what do i do next? Format and start again?


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