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Thread: Freelancer - Mission 3 Problem

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    Help! I've reached mission 3 in freelancer. I've just been asked to follow Juni to California Minor, and been met by 3 Rheineland ships. Problem is, nothing happens from this point. Apparently the ships are supposed to attack us (but they don't). I've tried to continue on to California but the docking ring is shut. If i try to shoot the rheinland ships the mission fails because i've shot a neutral target!
    I also seem to have the sound problem thats going round, so i can't hear if any voice overs are going on.
    I guess i probably have a corrupt copy but i did fix with cdmage first.
    Any ideas?

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    I cant Help you whit the mision thing but about the sound i post earlier somthing about that that would help you so do search on the forums you will find it

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    Some possible solutions for your sound problem:
    1. There were some sound problems related to the new directx 9. Upgrade it to the latest version Microsoft Update

    2. There are some known problems with certain codec packs (like Nimo). From the game readme:

    If you experience missing game sounds throughout Freelancer then a different audio codec is probably being used rather that the one provided by Freelancer.

    • Please follow these steps if some sounds and speech are still missing after installation:
    • Uninstall any 3rd party codec pack or the Nimo Codec pack from your system.
    • Uninstall Freelancer.
    • Go to the following directory, C:\WINDOWS\system32 and delete the file “l3codecp.acm”. If there happens to be another file named “l3codeca.acm”, delete this too.
    • If your system is Windows 98 or ME, open the system.ini file located in your system folder; C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. Delete ONLY the line that starts with “msacm.l3acm=”. In the case of the Nimo codec pack, this will read “msacm.l3acm=l3codecp.acm”
    • If your system is Windows 2000 or XP, open the system registry editor (regedit) from the RUN command window.
    • Locate and delete the following key: \HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\msacm.l3acm
    • Load the Freelancer installation CD and locate the REDIST folder. Within the REDIST folder, double click on the file named “WMFADist.exe” and follow on-screen instructions.
    • Install Freelancer.

    If you want to install a codec pack after this be sure deselect anything related to MP3 and WMA

    3. Install the latest soundcard drivers.

    That should solve your sound problems.
    Can't help you with the mission. I will try to find a save game with that mission and report back.

    edit: Hmm, strange they're indeed supposed to attack you, should be pretty automatic. Have you tried redoing the complete mission?
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    I was experiencing the exact same issues with the intermittent sound drop outs, and mission 3 was the same - the 3 rheinlander ships staying at a neutral stance, instead of attacking me.

    Both problems are down to your Fraunhoffer mp3 codec... oddly enough, the remedy fixed my sound prob AND when I re-entered the game, those 3 ships attacked just as they should have to begin with!

    I found my fix here... and loads of other cool things too... enjoy. B)

    Btw, I didnt have to uninstall the game or do any registry tweakage... the link takes you to a simpler way of fixing the problem. It doesnt require you to start the game all over again... all you have to do is get rid of a codec, DL a couple of small files from M$ (about 700-900 Kb each), run them once and restart your comp. Easy.


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    i have the same problem post a new link pls, because this one is no longer available !thx


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