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Thread: wanting a new sound system + monitor

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    im wanting to spend around 200-300 on getting myself a new monitor + sound system.

    i moved into a new bedroom last week and wanting to get rid of all my old shit and get myself a realy nice setup.

    im just not sure what to get,
    wanting 19-22" widescreen LCD with DVI + VGA. (DVI for my PC and VGA for my laptop)


    2.1 sound system, 1 speaker at each side of the window and the subwoofer at the bottom somewhere.

    heres what i might be getting:
    sound system-
    (my sisters boyfriend has that and its realy nice, just not to sure about it cos it doesnt have a remote, but come to think of it i prity much never use the remote i got for my current stereo which is plugged upto my laptop)


    not to sure about any of the monitors, just 1s that iv had my eye on after a while of looking about.

    what u guys think?

    still not to sure if i want to get myself a new sound system yet, if i can sell it then will defenity get a new 1.
    hopefuly gunna be able to sell my current monitor for 50 to help go with paying for this. (even tho i got enuff to buy it id like to sell other crap and help pay for it that way)

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    Looking at the monitors, I would go with one of the Samsungs, my own pref being the Samsung SM204BW 20" for the higher res, only con is it's slightly higher refresh rate but what's the difference between 4ms and 6ms Is it really that noticeable? I used to have a 910n Samsung with 8ms it suited me fine for games... Maybe I'm biased towards Samsungs tho, now I'm using this good for RTS type games

    Why not go 5.1? 2.1's a bit tbh, imho


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