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Thread: Need bitmetv staff's friend !

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    Hy !
    My bitmetv account has been disabled, because the staff think that I was doing account trading with bitmetv invites, but it's not true... I was searching a new invite to the site after I have been banned, but now I talked to an admin and I would apreciate that a friend of the staff try to make them change opinion !
    See my posts and see if I traded a bitmetv invite/account before i have been banned !
    Please if some friends of bitmetv admins (even them) see this post, please try to do something !
    ps : i had a ratio of 60 and I uploaded over 70g, so I was a perfect member !

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    mine too got disabled i dont know whay any bitme tv admin plz help me and tell me why i dont need the acc i want to know why i got banded

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    Monet Talks Over there, besides @ IRC, Swing them some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !! just click on the DOBNATE, U can "buy " yourself back in Depends how much that tracker "Means" to U??


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