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Thread: Sending Output To Tv

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    OK, I gots a question about movies and playing them on my laptop but transferring the output to the TV in the bedroom. I am able to see my desktop replcated on the TV, but when I play movie with Power DVD or WMP, the picture is simply black on the TV. What gives?

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    Not sure on this might be down to the graphics card you have, on my I have a simple Savage twister 3 card thing, can't be bothered to get exact details at the moment. On the back of the laptop is a video out socket, which I connect to the front of the TV via av slots.

    When I want to watch a movie on the TV I have to make sure the laptop is set to 800 * 600 or I can go in to advance settings in the display properties menu and there is an option there to select tv out, I hope this helps.

    One other setting you might have to toggle is the the type of tv out you want PAL/NTSC depending on where you Europe or America

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    try changing the overlay option, in your movie player's settings. if it says it isn't using the hardware video overlay, try enabling that. if it says it's already enabled, try disabling it.

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    fasttrack the forum has a really good toturial for that, try there


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