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    hi im a nebie here so im very sorry if i have posted in the rong section.. what it is i wanna start my own torrent site up and iv been looking for a good tracker that has a forum with it and stuff but iv not had much luck.. i found one that i think will suite me and my members... can any1 help me out cos i realyy wanna install my torrent site

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    136 is the ONE forum for all tracker-related discussions! if you've got Windows, i'll help ya setup a very basic tracker and then you can start adding modifications like stats bar, passkey, RSS feed, etc.

    if you have a decent PHP skill, you'll be fine.

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    I think the best tracker to start with is blog torrent. It's very simple and extremely easy to set up. As long as your site is fairly small (probably less than 1000 users) it will run smoothly.

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