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Thread: Is This A Good Price?

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    : $244.54

    Order Details

    Item SKU Qty
    HB Intel Basic Fan with Heatsink 20203 1
    LW 300W -12V Support P4/K7 LPF2 41252 1
    Intel P4 2.4GHz 533FSB/512K RETAIL BOX 15510 1
    LC-4x6 L2 "White" ATX Case 10 Bays / 3 Air Vents 41259 1
    HB-S933 SIS648 533/DDR400/8X AGP/Snd/Lan MB 28311 1
    HB 256MB DDR-2700 333MHz RAM 25604 1
    HB 80mm Case Fan Kit "Ball Bearing Max Air Flow" 22206 1
    HB Slot Exhaust Fan Kit 22405 1
    FedEx Ground to 48 US Continental States (B5) 47211 1

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    Sounds like a great barebones system. Good luck with it. B)
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    Thanks, Jib--

    I just saw it the other day, and I have been wanting to upgrade my cel.1.8gig processor, to a 2+p4 and for the price I thought it was a good deal, never bought online, but it is a good seller suposedly?

    I will let you know how it worked out, thurs, fedex should have it here.l

    Hope it ain't shit. lol

    Thanks again..

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    so all you need to add is a hard drive and a graphics card? sounds like a fair price to me...


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