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Thread: Help With Installing Kazap!

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    I use a high speed connection but since I installed the latest Kaaza lite (3) program my download speed is a fraction of what is used to be.

    It was recommend that I run: Kazap

    However I am not sure how to install the program using the directions that were given when I downloaded he program:

    3. Kazaa Lite / K++ only - you may need to change
    a registry setting to turn CD_CLINT.DLL on or
    KaZap won't appear - use "K++NoCD_Clint_OFF.reg"
    included in the ZIP **

    I am not sure how to continue with the installantion. Any help would be much appreciated!!!


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    Kazap recommended?

    There are a lot of people that will tell you the opposite!
    Read this thread.

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    O.k. Thanks for the link and I will not install Kazap.

    Here's a different question;

    I recently started using a router to connect my two computer to a highspeed connection.

    Could my use of a router be the reason why my download speeds have currently slowed down?

    If so, could someone please explain what settings on Kaaza I should change?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.



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