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Thread: xm radio & sirius radio merge

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    Dear XM Radio Subscriber:

    We want to share with you some exciting news: Yesterday, in Washington
    DC, we announced XM Radio will be merging with Sirius Satellite Radio
    to form the premier digital audio service.

    The merger will create a satellite radio company that will provide
    consumers across the country with more and better premium radio
    programming. The combined company will be able to compete better in what has
    become a very complex and dynamic entertainment market.

    Where today our exclusive contracts mean you had to choose between
    baseball and football or Oprah and Martha Stewart, the new company will
    seek to ensure that in the future, you will be able to access both
    companies' programming. And, once we are fully integrated, those of you who
    have factory-installed satellite radio will no longer be limited to the
    programming provided by the exclusive satellite radio service chosen by
    their car manufacturer.

    This merger should be completed in late 2007 or early in 2008.
    Throughout the year, we will provide updates on how the merger is progressing
    and information will be available at our website,

    Between today and the merger date, as well as during the period
    immediately after the merger date, all of your services will remain the same.
    The channel lineup, the customer service number, the great music
    technology, and the XM Radio web site will all remain unchanged and there
    will be no disruption to service. But, if you have questions, information
    will be available and maintained on our website, and you can contact
    our Listener Care team at 800-XMRADIO, with questions and concerns.

    XM Radio continues to be committed to providing you the highest quality
    audio entertainment and customer service available today. After the
    merger, our new company will be able to offer you the most exciting
    listening experience in radio.

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    Holy shit! This is a real shocker for me. I think this was more of a buyout by XM than anything else. Sirius radio shares have been in the gutter for a couple of years, while XM had continued to prosper.

    I've been using XM for like 4 years and love it. The selection is far superior to Sirius stations, but it says that we will be getting all of the stations now.

    The FST group

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    Fine with me.


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