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Thread: Newbie Software Install Question (& Avatar)

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    I've had KL for one week. Have DL several bits and pieces fine, BUT some games software when DL just has an MSDos icon. When double clicked, I get an MSDos shortcut ~ not much use! (The files appear as an application )
    So what am I doing wrong??? How should I get this stuff to install / run??
    Progs inc. Battlefield 1942 and Heroes of Might and Magic (cd1 & cd2)

    Also, have uploaded avatar to galleries/vineyamar but not sure where to add the &ext= tag. Yeah I know it says at the end...but have tried and doesn't seem to work. Other upload sites seem to have really small file limits.(filename is drummingBunny ~ it's only 34k).


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    After more searching seems CD1 = .bin file and cd2 = .cue file so will burn these to Cd writer and see if that solves.

    Still no joy with avatar! have problem that cd2 is 760mb so doesn't look like it will fit?????????????

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    It probaly a ISO file thats why u get the Dos screen chagne the exe to ISO

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    Have bit the bullet and DL the iso version of the cd.
    Question: why is it necessary to upload as .exe when it's a .iso?
    Also, that doesn't alter the fact that it's 760mb ~ more than a cd can hold. I can burn to dvd, just costs me more in discs.

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    doesn't alter the fact that it's 760mb ~ more than a cd can hold
    If the file is an iso then it will usually fit onto a standard 700mb CD because it compresses as it writes it or it does it in minutes (80 mins in this case) rather than by MB. It can seem quite wierd to some people, and it is a regular question but it does fit.

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    Hmmmm....Nero tells me there is not enough space on the medium (the cd) then tells me to abort.

    I'm going File...Burn Image...choosing the .iso open...then burn cd

    I get a message telling me that the entered block size does not correspond to the image. It may be wrong. Do I want to correct or ignore

    What I have are two files, both downloaded as .exe (for heroes of might and magic 4, cd1 & 2)
    one is .iso.exe so have deleted the .exe bit but file still too large to burn.
    the other i think was posted as .cue but changing the file to that extension just wasted another cdr! !


    help greatly appreciated

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    choose correct and then a widow will appear and then in that window it will say block size or RAW Size or something, and there will be two options, you just have to choose the other option to what it is on, they will be two wierd numbers, about 4 numbes long, then press OK or burn or whatever and that should burn the CD no probs...

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    ahead of you there.
    there are only two options : choosing ignore just aborts the whole thing before any data is written,
    changing the number as you suggest burns some info to disk but I get error message maybe 16% into burn, then abort.

    If I look at the cd in explorer it appears to have info on it but if I try to access any (say the read me file) the dvdr just stops responding.


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    I did have something like this, it could be a faulty CD image or a faulty CD, has your burner had trouble with this type of CD before, sometimes burners dont like paticular CD's.

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    Probably a dumb question. How can I change the .exe files to .iso? Renaming just gives an .exe file with .iso in its name....

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