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Thread: Newsgroups on College campus network

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    Hey guys...great site, helped me discover newsgroups over two years ago. I apologize in advance if this was already covered somewhere, but I did try to search and didn't find this exact issue. With that said...

    I go to a college in the USA that I have been using newsgroups for two years on with speeds up to and exceeding 5 mb/s. Recently, I suppose they have decided to crackdown on people doing non "approved / work related activities" and have severely limited every port - except 80. Firefox and Internet Explorer work perfectly and very quickly, so I know these are just as they were. I am using Grab It and Newshosting for newsgroups and am wondering if there is any way I can make Grab It make the network believe it is on port 80 and a web page and not a newsreader? I'd be willing to use other programs or whatever, but I do not have another computer available to connect to. If you guys get this question and can help, I'd really appreciate it!!


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    If your usenet provider doesnt do port 80 then I dont think you can. However, i might be wrong.

    There are other options though. If you use UsenetServer or Giganews, you can try encryption. It just might get pass the filters. If you use Usenetserver you can try port 8080 (its similar to port 80 as a lot of web sites use that port for http traffic) or port 443 (which is what https uses).

    IF that doesnt work, you can try vpn tunnel.

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    Giganews will allow you to run on port 80.
    If you use the SSL encryption the NNTP should be disguised. It's worth a shot.


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