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Thread: Divx Movies - Messed Up - All Green At Start

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    Has this happened to you? You download a Divx movie and it begins totally green. Then the picture comes in, but the frames don't change and part of the picture is from a previous scene. I get this all the time and I don't know how to fix it. Please help!

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    Hello CookieMan!

    Seems like to need some help to transform into CODECMan!

    K-Lite's very own Codec Pack

    Install this, and after no success, come back, also look into getting a DIVX Player.

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    Yes i had the same thing!

    With the Klite Codecs! (Even with Avipreview&#33
    Uninstall it (if you installed it) and try to find this codec pack on kazaa: Xvid Codec By SLD
    Everything works great now!

    Hope it helps!

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    Ok, so these movies are encoded with Xvid? Is that the problem? I will get the codec right away. Forgive me if I am a n00b

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    The most likely explanation is that your movie is a XVid, and you have the Nimo Codec Pack installed. The trouble is, the ffdshow drivers for the XVid codec in that are old, so you will need some new ones. My advice: take off all of the video codecs you have installed (particularly Nimo and K-Lite), download the latest K-Lite Codec pack, install that, and enjoy!

    Hope this helps.


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