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    I have recently started using a 15 day trial of everquest online and it is really addictive and now i want the upgrade packs of which there are around 4 available. Does anyone know if these are on kazaa or around on the internet somewhere i have tried looking but have been unsuccessful in finding them. Thanks in advance.
    Also does anyone else know of any other similair games online that are as good if not better than everquest including RPG's Space Trade sims and similair games, post hashes if appropriate or tell me locations of where i can get them from.

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    Everquest, The Sims, etc!! All a way for the gameing industry to make us zombies over 1 game, then purchase all the damn updates (which there's alot that cost $30 each or something)


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    I think i would agree with that.
    I am coming off a four year addiction to UO
    it's all about making the game companies pockets fat while playing with your emotions to do it.
    I went through 5 updates,one of wich (uo3rd dawn) didn't even freaking work, forcing us to upgrade to LBR client just to make the game playable again.
    Add it up at 9.99 for 48 months plus 30$ X 5
    I could have bought a damn car with what I spent wasting my life in that damn game.
    get off the evercrack b4 it rots yer brain man and drives ya mad.

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    thanks for the advice, i didnt realise it all cost so much, paying monthly to play a game is absolutely ridiciulous when in mot cases you have bought the game as well.

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    Where did you get that trial!!!!!!????

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    The free trial is 30days and you can download the origenal eq off their site.

    EQ is not availiable on kazaa since its all online keys, you need an account witha debit/credit card and a non hacked cd-key to play since the keys are linked with the accounts.

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    I used to play Everquest. I found it was really only fun when I played with my friends. However I really don't think its worth it to have to buy games, several additions too it and pay monthly just to play a game online. Granted it was fun at times, and really annoying at others. There are other games worth buying. You'll find yourself wasting alot of time in Everquest. You want to do something but you just have to level...or you need a corpse retrival and you have to go someplace. AHh not worth the aggravation!

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    i got the 15 day trial from pc zone cover disc a while ago.

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    I play Anarchy Online. It`s a good alternative (with good graphics compared to some of the older MMORPG´s out there) if you`re into MMORPG´s. I spend a year or so playing this game for like 5-8 hours every day (more in the weekends). Now I play it more casual, infact I haven`t been playing at all for a few months (allthough I still pay god damnit ). Good thing I actually had the time to play that much at that particular year without interrupting school work or anything.


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