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Thread: Windows Xp Pro Network Version

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    I don't know what i did when i last reinstalled xp, I think I opted for one of the options to do with networking, but now my xp in many ways resembles NT. And in my opinion theres quite a few advantages mostly cosmetic, but also it seems now that task manager ends tasks really quickly and my whole system seems even more stable than it used to be. Has anyone else done this and can anyone confirm the performance changes or is it just my imagination

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    Done what, exactly? You don't give us a whole lot of information to match against our installations.

    "Yeah, uhh... I did something different... now XP is different. Anyone else have that happen?"

    Why yes, yes I have...

    Seriously, though... What are the cosmetics changes? The faster killing of tasks is probably just due to it being a clean install, though.


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