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Thread: Terminator 3

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    Hi, kud ne 1 plz tell me if Terminator 3 is downloadable from Kazaa Lite? I am asking because I am downloading it at the moment however I have a feeling it may turn out to be something else.

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    not out yet, bet its a fake

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    well is it out in america yet?

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    that movie wont be out for a long time i bet

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    Nope the film doesnt come out in America till July 2. Check the Terminator 3 thread in Movieworld, the moment there is a real one out, it should be posted there.

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    Nice to see we have some reasonable requests for screeners here, do people just come in here and demand for stuff to be posted on the net?? I wonder hey

    So while im here does any one have a copy of the new Star wars film to be relased in 2004/2005 come on there must be a screener if not can some one complete the filming of the film to I can watch it

    But im not bitching at all, come on guys T3 July at least wait until the end of June

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    If you are downloading it at the moment of kazaa preview it with avipreview once you have the first Mb or two down. Download the latest kazaalite package or go to If it is not at then it is probally not out or only a few hours old!

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    for further info the thread in movieworld!...

    **topic closed**


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