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Thread: Rainbow Six Raven Shield?

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    Does anybody have the hashes for working iso's or bin's or other CD image files for the two CD's of this game. Thanks

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    i am also looking for this

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    Its two CDs and there are 98 sources for both CDs on eMule

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    what exactly is Emule

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    eMule or eDonkey are a gamers paradise....they are not as fast as kazaa , but kazaa has a very high corruption rate...i have not gotten one corrupted file from eMule in over a year.

    If you ever see a program on kazaa with sharereactor in the title. that program came from eMule or eDonkey weeks or months before it got on kazaa

    I use kazaa for MP3s and eMule for games and programs.

    With eDonkey you dont have to do any configuring. with eMule you have to add a server address in preferences.

    i use for my server list.

    But if you leave your PC running 24/7 you can get both CDs in 2-3 days if you have broad band

    Tip , when using eMule, ALWAYS right click on your download and set the priority to HIGH

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    Ok thanx man, Can you tell me what the website is?

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    Just go to a search engine and type download eMule or download eDonkey

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    ok i got it and found 2 bin's and the 2 cues for the bins and i finished downloading the cues but the bins wont start downloading....i did what you said and put priority to high and it just says :status: waiting............................whats wrong here?

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    First make sure your downloads are not paused, right click on them to find out.

    Also you may have to wait in Que for 10-30 min while the program finds all the has many servers to search so it will take awhile.

    And the longer you stay connected the faster your downloads will get. when i first connect to a file i may be getting 3-4kbs ...after being connected for 12 hours i may be getting 10-20kbs.

    You need patients and you will get your files.

    P.S. i suggest learning how to use eMule , i think it gets slightly better speeds than eDonkey and has more options...if you do use eMule in the search window make sure you put "search global" in the box before you search


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