this kinda just snuck up, huh? so quick with a release, but this is a good thing. no, wait, this is a GREAT think for trent has gone back to his old school electronic sound!!! album will sound like the broken/fixed albums and i can't wait. i've gotten 3 tracks from this album and am diggin' them quite well. can't wait 'til i get my hands on the full retail! so happy...

01 Hyperpower!
02 The Beginning of the End
03 Survivalism
04 The Good Soldier
05 Vessel
06 Me, I'm Not
07 Capital G
08 My Violent Heart
09 The Warning
10 God Given
11 Meet Your Master
12 The Greater Good
13 The Great Destroyer
14 Another Version of the Truth
15 In This Twilight
16 Zero-Sum

album to retail april 17th!