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    ok your gonna raise your eyes at this but what the heck...i record my music using music match and it files them within the music library.But how do i get them into my shared files folder so they can be shared... my only excuse for not knowing is my great age 59...ah well...i just like the concept n want to share the cds that i buy. just recorded latest "dandy warhols" so any help appreciated.

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    B) If you look at the top tool bar in options and you'll see the term"Find Media To Share" click on that and it will find media on your computerfor you, that you can choose to share. Also you can simply drag and drop them from your Music Library Folder into your Kazaa Shared folder. Just left click once on your music file with your mouse button, while still holding your button down simply slide it over to your Kazaa Shared Folder.Just make sure you open up both folders on your desktop.One more thing is to simply change your default music download folder to Kazaa Shared Folder.Hope this helps

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    Keep track of where you copy your CD's to & follow above advice.


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