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    Can any1 help with the process of burning a vcd?? i have that many films on my hard drive and need to burn em off. I nero if that helps any1 your help would be greatly appreciated......cheers

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    There are many guides, including on this very forum all you need to do is search....but here's one I found earlier......

    Games-  Most games come in a ISO  , Bin/Cue, and RAR files.

    ISO and Bin/Cue - There are a few different ways to do this. If you want to burn them to a disk. The easiest way is to use a CD burning software that can burn a image file. I prefer Nero.  This is simple. All you do is Open up nero,  cancel the wizard . Then goto File then to Burn CD image. Target the ISO file and hit BURN.. and your done.  The samething can be done with Bin/Cue files. Open up nero, close wizard, and goto File then select Burn image file and target the .CUE file and burn it. Another quick and easy program to use is Fireburner.. you load it up and click file then Load track and burn it. 

    If your not wanting to burn the game to a cd heres a few ways of installing from bin/cue and ISO. The quick and easiest way is to use Daemon tools or alcohol program to make a Virtual drive and "mount" the image then install it from the Virtual drive . Another way you can do this is using a program to extract the image from the ISO or .bin and install it from your harddrive. If the game has 2 cds you will have to tell it where to find the file it needs when it ask you for cd2. So, make sure you know where on the harddrive you extracted the image files. Two easy programs to extract image files is  Winiso or isobuster.

    Now with RAR files things can get confusing for new users so , ill do my best to explain it.  First off make sure you have winrar program installed on your system. Now goto the folder where the RAR files are. Which normally have 40-60 files in the folder(001, 002 , 003 , ect) Double click on the first file and it will compile all RAR  files and you should see a image file of some sort. Like ISO bin/cue. Then hit the Extract tab and pick a spot on your harddrive to extract it to. Then see above on instructions on how to burn , install .

    Movies- Movies have lots of formats they come in. Most commonly are Bin/cue , RAR.

    First thing you must decide is , will you be wanting to burn to a cd or just watch it from the hd.

    There are a few ways to do this

    Burning to a CD:

    If it comes in Bin/cue format you can Burn it to a disk with Nero fairly easy. Open nero , close wizard, goto file then select burn image file. Don't worry if the image file exceeds 700megs. Movies/Audio files are burnt according to Minutes instead of size. Also, Fireburner can do it easy. File, load track, burn. soo  soo simple.

    If its in RAR format when you download it, You must extract before you can  burn it to a cd. You extract it the same way as I explained above.

    Watching movie from harddrive:

    This is pretty simple also. First get daemon tools or alcohol and mount the Bin file to the virtual drive. You must in most cases have a dvdplayer software installed. I use Powerdvd xp pro. Now once you have mounted the image you can play the movie just like it was burnt on a cd. Also, some people prefer converting the image(bin/cue) to mpeg then playing it. a good program to use in this case is vcdgear.

    Now your probably thinking where the heck do i get all these programs. Well here is the answer to that question

    Nero - The fastest way to get this is from 
    Winrar3.11 -    The fastest way to get this is from
    Vcdgear  -  goto
    Daemon tools-

    Now the next question your probably going to ask yourself is, Where do i find serials to make these trials I downloaded into registered versions.
    On IRC goto efnet server or undernet and join channel #serialz  . In that channel you will find serials to anything and everything you can ever want.

    Hope this little guide can help you all. Enjoy and don't forget to SUPPORT the games and movies you download  by buying them if you like em'!


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