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Thread: Looking For Pro Engineer

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    anybody have one that works with win98?

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    OH Hi!

    Of course I have one of "those!"

    The question is will I be sharing it?

    Have you even spent any time with your Kazaa at all?

    okey, well not enough

    It's called

    It's called

    There's a ton of those laying around on the net.

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    all the ones I have gotten from kazaa are student editions that have damaged exe files. Yes, I am a newbie. I don't know anything about ftp servers, etc. I went to astalavista and thats what they talked about... guess I'd better dive into the FAQ forum....

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    if you join there is plenty of verified rooms for software and so on,
    you take a risk downloading any software from kazaa that is not verified
    as certain people host fakes.


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