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Thread: Now this is some seriously funny shit...

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    Oh, please...
    “Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

  2. The Drawing Room   -   #2
    A storm in a B-cup!

    Hilary Clinton is not a female Bill Clinton, in another life she would be a Republican.

    I hope Obama pisses all over her.

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    If either of them win the nomination, there will be a Republican President.

    I do not like Hilary at all and Obama may be very charismatic but so is the devil.

    A woman will not get voted in and neither will a black man (unless it was Colin Powell).

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    Meh, we had a woman in charge once, never did us any harm

    I think the US would vote a black president in, but not with the name "obama", strange as that sounds.

    I reckon the US will get a black president before the UK will get a black prime minister (or another woman )


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