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Thread: Darkness Falls

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    Does anyone have a good version of this movie? I have the cam version, but someone's head is in the way.....and the other versions are either fakes or will not play, they show the counter moving but there is no sound or picture.

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    Wrong place in the forum ... should have posted this in Requests

    Here's a thread with the Darkness Falls hash .... DVD rip I believe ... Excellent Quality

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    File:Darkness Falls.Avi
    Length:734969856 Bytes,717744KB

    good movie dvd rip

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    Darkness Falls Bytes 717,744KB thes is the good 1

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    Thanks, I'm downloading it now, have you seen the crappy Cam version? Its got a damn head in the corner! Why didn't whoever that taped it see that?

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    no i didn't see it what is your nick name in the kazaa

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    Nickname? Its the same as my name here...Homersimpson


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