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Thread: 16x dvd burner wont burn but at 8x?

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    Im using nero and thats all it will give me the option for. Its a samsung sh-s182m drive i got from newegg. Ive tried using both sony and samsung 16x discs. Ive also updated firmware for it.

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    sounds like u have a compatibility issue with burning those discs with that burner. check to see if those discs are compatible?! try different firmwares?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. nails View Post
    sounds like u have a compatibility issue with burning those discs with that burner.

    For example.
    My Samsung burner hates RiDATA disk. Even though the disk are rated at 16X, and my burner is rated at 18X (yes some 16X disc will burn at 18X) I couldn't get the disk to go any faster than 4X. Other brands work just fine at full speed.

    Sometimes firmware updates will fix problems like these. But in my case it didn't help one bit.

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    try a different burning software.

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    if u r burning iso files try DVDDecrypter or isoburnn for data mastering try ONES ( imo far better than nero)

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    thanks for responses. Ill try diff burning program and play around with diff discs to see if that may help.


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