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Thread: Upgrading From Xp Home To Xp Pro/corp

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    This is a real newbie one, but I currently have xp home and just got done d/l windows xp pro corporate. I know i have to burn it to cd to install. (I'm pretty sure) Can I install straight over home ed. or do I have to try to uninstall that first. And if I have to uninstall, is there by any chance just the pro upgrade version available. Thanks

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    You can install upgrade from home to professional, not certain about corporate. If the installer gives you that option then you know it's ok. Mind you, i would tend to do a clean install anyway, unless that's a major pain in the arse for you.

    You'll be able to clean install with a corporate version. If it's professional upgrade, as long as you have a windows disc to prove to the installer you're upgrading, then you'll be fine.


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