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Thread: Expanding My Game Site

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    umm im thinking of expanding my game site

    --&#62; well itz a rom site <--

    thinking of either


    What do you ppl think i should do?

    n64 is too big... note im using geocities to upload and it onli allows me 5mbz at most so i use win rar to seperate it into parts

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    Ummm I dunno......does anyone play thos roms? but nice site&#33;

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    gameboy roms? yes.... yesterday i checked my links... 5 of them were down... since i have low bandwidth...

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    You Have A Nice Site M8

    BTW me Love GBA Games Espachely This Game Super Dodgeball

    PS your GBA Emulator Link is Broken

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    gba emu is broken... lolz yea i noe... they dont let me steal their link... i will dl it n upload that emu soon...

    by the way i just made a

    NES site there... ... i just gotta up load romz now

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    Me Go and check it out later
    Are you ginig to uplod some Sega games and if you are pleas tell me that me love seag as well


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