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    anyone have the game Mafia? i dont want isos and bins...just the game cause isos are too big

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    I have not seen a RIP of Mafia , but Mafia is one of the best games i ever played. its worth the wait for 3CDs

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    can someone post the links of the 3 bins then?

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    I dont see them on kazaa , i got mine from eMule.

    Another good thing about having the full version is you can MOD it.

    I have a all 80s 90s theme with modern cars , buildings, cloths and posters of brittany spears on walls and all my own music.

    Its great while driving from job to job or loosing the cops in a Mustang 5.0 or a BMW Z3 or a Land Rover be able to listen to a little Saliva or Creed

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    I ve wanted this set for ever

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    Check my post in the verrifieds,Ive got a real sweet dsl connection
    with plenty of upload slots for everyone.


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