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Thread: Problems Downloading 28 Days Later

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    Hey all

    Im trying to get the verified 717500kb dvd rip of 28 days later. Its doing some crazy stuff tho. It searches for people and give a huge list of people that it is connecting to but none of these ever connect. Its taken me 2 days to get 20 mb even though I have a stupidly fast LAN connection. I've tried other downloads and all are working fine so what is it with this file?!

    Would really appreciate any help

    Later guys - hope ya all enjoying The Matrix as much as I am!!! B) B) B)

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    I had the same problem with Vicecity and put it down to queuing. I'd get 7user at times and it would say connecting but never did. And when it did, i'd get either a super fast connection for maybe 15sec's or a stupidly low 0.05.

    Like you other downloads were normal. I ended up getting it from irc too. Recently 85% of uploads from me are Vicecity so demand must be the reason.

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    my coppy took a while to download too. i got eventualy, too bad a i can't share it tho as shairing messes up my internet

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    hummm anoying, yeah i think it is queing that is the problem. Unfortunately k-lite doesnt seem wait in a que with anyone if it finds another source so just keeps jumping into different ques. Any1 know how to get round this?

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    hey achump> I'm having the exact same problem! I do all the tricks in the book to get more sources and then I get them but its a battle, they never connect or when they do it connects veeery slow. I get a 5 or more sources but they don't connect and finaly when 1 does connect its slow as molasas. I find it suspicous that more than one person is having the exact same problem AND the exact same movie!!

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    What is happening?

    This is so many people want the file it is queing up on people's computers and trying hard to download but the speeds are dead because of busy users. I know this don't make much sense but when tons of people try to download a file form one person it will be at 0.00kb/s cos bandwidth all used up.

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    Yea that makes sense. Glad to see its not just me though. The only solution I can think of is getting an individual user and trying to stick with them (stoping searching for more users) or something. Unfortunately I can get hold of a good user for long enough. Maybe in a week or so it will calm down Hopefully when i get it my crazy fast uni connection will help out a few angry people like me! if any1 gets it please only put this file in ya shared folder!!!

    GRRRR!!! Really wanna see this movie too! This i might go and buy the DVD at this rate! even though I know the DVD qual version is right there on the user i am looking at !!!! very frustrating.


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