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Thread: About seeding...

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    hello, well ive been downloading for a good while now and now it seems sites like Iptorrents and pisexy are very good for downloading but i cant upload, id be lucky to upload even 1/4 - 1/2 of the movie, i am currently using azureus i also know nothing about ports etc... but does anyone have any idea whats wrong and maybee know how to fix this problem.

    thanks in advanced, cmc

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    IPtorrents has always been easy to keep ratios.. what is your upload speed?

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    atm 6.4kb/s and that pretty fast for a change.

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    What is your UP speed on speedtests? If your ISP only gives you low up speed to work with, then obviously you wont be able to manage your ratio..

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    how is it i find my up speed?

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    are you behind a router by any chance?

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    yeh mate, could that be the problem?

  8. BitTorrent   -   #8 lookup your router by name/model and then lookup az. It should give you pretty good instructions on how to configure the ports correctly.

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    i have tryed that a coupleof times before, it doesnt make any difference

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    You sure you followed the directions exactly? You need to know your network ip for your specific computer on your network, for it to work properly.

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