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Thread: can you guys help me ivm adm files and tools

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    hey i gone thell you what i want to do whit my pc.
    i have xp home so i don't have gpedit.msi.

    -blok all accounts exep mine for making any scangins on the pc
    -blok any instal from other accounts
    -protect scaring files from deleting
    -make a auto back up rule
    -give limit meory to other acounts

    why? you must asking.
    my sis en bro have cracht my pc to many times, but last ime they have gone to far. they have broking my motherboard and power adapter
    (buy swithing the main power of the house to many times of)
    it has cost me 700 euro's to fisk that joke.
    grrrrr. and i want to prevent for happening again(that my pc crach)

    so i like to secure my pc as must as it is posseble.

    please resone in dutch or in english


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    Fuck me thats hard to read . But think English not your first language ?
    Are you asking about Administrator rights ?

    Mabye just lock them out .
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    yes iam talking about the adm controls. i like to make them more controled so i kan adap almost evry thing to my needs.

    i know that my englich is shit i don't speak nomely englich.

    geetz from a luzisy shiting speaking guy lol

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    goto control panel > user accounts
    clik change an account
    clik your sister and brothers account > change account type
    mark "limited account"
    that should save you from some damage.

    Kom op je kan toch wel beeter engelse spreken


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