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Thread: Sharing Fakes Is Being Done On Purpose!

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    Its not just RIAA but there are some who are on their side as well. Mostly rich punks, who has good connection. You download at amazing speed only to get files that have been renamed or cut to same size to fool you. Why share fake files, when you can just delete it? waste of harddrive and it would not be very bright to share them either. That's too much work and you would be looked upon as moron.

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    How did you find this information?

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    Many people probably don't even realize they've downloaded the fakes and/or don't know to move them/delete them from their shared directory.

    Message them!
    But be nice about it... till they give you a nasty reply anyhow -- then you need to get their ip and let some of us figure out what special treatment they deserve.

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    I agree with Switeck, sure there are enough people who for some reason get enjoyment out of naming fake files but some people just click and let the thing download while they're someplace else. They could do it overnight and not get to their computer until sometime in the afternoon. Like Switeck said just send a polite message, and if you don't repsond don't immediately think they're doing it on purpose, because of most of the time they're not there.

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    AVI preview is there for a reason. It helps.

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    I'm new and want to warn other about a very popularbutfake 2003 Incredible Hulk. How do I rename it? And, why don't others turn on their messaging so they can be warned. I couldn't even warn those who were persistently trying to upload from me while I was quickly trying to delete the fake. Not usually a retaliatory person, but I know someone must have the capability to trace file originators and give them a firm warning- boxes appearing from nowhere can make assholes sweat.

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    I've had the same problem with uploaders whilst trying to delete a fake.....I suggest that you just close Kazaa connection...delete the file...and hope that the uploaders (who are not just getting it from you) do the same once they discover its a fake....people turn off their messengers for lots of reasons or are just not there.....I guess they just dont want their privacy invaded or something....but I know what you mean...its an issue with Kazaa that won't go away....try verifieds but be prepared to wait.

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    As far i the people sharing fake files that know about it they should be punished. I also got a fake hulk check the verified area.

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    lol yep its been known for awhile

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    Originally posted by sam71@25 May 2003 - 21:20
    Mostly rich punks, who has good connection.
    I know if I were rich and had a blazing connection that is exactly how I'd spend all my time...
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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