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Thread: Tempgenc Plus Error

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    Ok, in TEMPGenc Plus I was about to select the video input and I got an error "Illegal MPEG video stream" How do I go about fixing this? The MPEG extracted just fine from the Bin file using VCDGear, but I cannot select this mpeg file through TEMPGenc. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks again guys!!

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    I'm guessing nobody knows what this error code means? heh...apparently niether do the tech guys at Pegasys. *SIGH*.......someone...anyone...heeeelp!!!! heh

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    Use demuxone.exe from DVMPEG Darim Vision.

    After that you can remux the audio and video in TMPGEnc which then has no problem demuxing or editing the file !

    hope this helps
    I havenīt tried to convert a mpeg so I have no clue on how it works

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    The MPEG extracted just fine from the Bin file using VCDGear
    If you got it from a BIN, I think its already in VCD format. Just use Nero and burn the image with the cue.


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