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    I have a Supra Express 56K ext modem.
    I keep loosing my connection. Sometimes it works for 10 min. other times it disconnects within seconds.
    Any ideas what would cause this and how to correct the problem.

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    Ever lose your connection in the middle of a session? It could be any of the following:

    Your modem driver. If this isn't upgraded as needed, it may be affecting your ability to access our service. Check your modem manufacturer's Web site for details, or visit and search for driver updates by month.

    Call Waiting. If you have Call Waiting and get another call while you're online, it could disrupt your session. You should disable call waiting to avoid connection disruptions.

    Someone else on the line. If someone else in your household picks up an extension, your connection could bite the dust.

    You've walked away from your computer. Like virtually all dial connections, they will time out after extended periods of inactivity.

    Your phone line is unclear. Strange noises could mean there's an unclear connection, or that the phone line is "dirty."
    This was taken from SBC Yahoo! Support. These tips should work for any dial-up connection, as they worked also for my Earthlink Dial-Up Connection.

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    Try doing the following.

    click on control panel. Then go to system. Then system. Then click on the hardware tab. Then double click on your modem. Click on the advanced tab. Then click on advanced port settings and to down the receive buffer and transmit buffer a little bit and see if it works. If it doesn't try turning it down somemore.

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    get broadband. :-"


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