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    I am new to the game back up system. Can anyone tell me how I can play copied games on XBox. I have dl a few games but can't get them to play.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    When you backup a game it backups as an .iso file. From there take your favorite program (ie DVD Decryptor, ImageBurn, Nero, Alochol 120%, etc.) and burn the iso image.

    The only difference that you may be thinking of is making the backup itself (dvd game -> to PC hard drive) since the pc will not recognize the disc. But since you are working with a backup copy on your pc already, you can just follow the method above.
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    The best thing to do is to get a mod chip and a bigger drive and just ftp all the backups to it. Check out

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    or go for a cheap softmod exploit.. Don't buy a high end modchip. 1 bank with stealth mode are cheap. they do the job.


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