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Thread: The Sims 7 In 1. Ye It Works But My Question Is

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    hello, thats my question really how do i back it up. because it has already been compresed so i cant winzip or winrar it. i am about to format my computer so i need it backed up, if any1 clever knows how, please reply


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    The simple answer is you cant save it to a CDR, but you can save it to a DVDR, if you dont have a DVD burner then you could split the file into several parts and then store them on a few CD's. Then when you need to load it, put all of the files from the discs onto your HD and then merge them back together. All in all though it equals a pain!!

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    u sure if i split it up onto different cd's and then re group it from program files, folder the sims 7 in 1, it will work ?. because when i do that with software it normally says im missing a file

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    you need to get special software for splitting and merging, anyone know any software for doing that??? apparently you can use winzip to do it.

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    ye if any1 knows any good file splitters, id be greatfull,

    cheers chris

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