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Thread: What is thevault?

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    Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere (I searched but could not find anything on the first few pages), but what is thevault? And what's the difference between it and theplace, since they both seem to be run by the same people?

    Reason I ask is because I've been wanting to get into theplace for a while now (nice group buys and learning videos for married people like me ) and I've heard that thevault is easier to get into.


    EDIT: OOPS, I didn't see it is now linked in the "WIAW" thread.

    Still, is it a self-improvement book website? Looks like it has real-estate books etc?
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    Thevault is a business tracker, has all sorts of business material and group buys.

    ThePlace is more of a self help tracker, with NLP content and stuff.

    And yeah, its run by the same people.

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    Thanks, Omaster.

    Closing thread now.

    EDIT: or not, doesn't seem to give me option.. I'm on a mac at school so maybe that's it or I'm confused with forums


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