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Thread: los lobos

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    i have searched alot of sites and can't find anything on these guys , i seen these guys on las vegas and would really like a copy of thier newest , thanks

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    Over here!

    Bright website

    Looks like alot of fun. To be honest, I only know them for "La Bamba". I thought they were a 1-hit-wonder actually

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    you might be right , i seen them on tv the other night and i can remember a hit from a few years ago, maybe i'm just reaching , but they played a great song on las vegas, thats the reason for the interest, thanx for the reply Barbarossa...

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    I saw Los Lobos live in concert in around 1987 or 1988. They were the opening act for U2 on their Joshua Tree tour. My gosh, they are actually still kickin?

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    Ya there kickin it texican style, but its hard to find any torrents other than live ones


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